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Start with strategic facilitators who know business inside and out.

Better – We’re not just meeting facilitators, we’re consultants with world-class expertise in corporate strategy, PR, marketing and branding, and more. By combining the expertise of your team with our strategic facilitation, we will build something amazing, together.

Faster – Led by our expert facilitators, our high-speed “Barn Raising” process is designed to push your thinking and creativity to the max, giving you more results in less time than you ever thought possible.

Smarter – Our effective facilitation strategies are customized to bring out the most from your team and to drive incredible results for even your toughest challenges.

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Raising the Barn

Our Thoughts on Creativity, Collaboration, and Speed

Our Facilitation Clients

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What Our Clients Say

"The workshop was highly engaging and collaborative and they made sure everyone's voices were heard."

- Luc Mongeau, President, Weston Foods

“Our organization, in one days work, left with clearly articulated strategies to take back and put into action.”

- Andrew Young, COO, Outward Bound Canada

“If you have an organizational challenge you need resolved quickly, the Barn Raisers team are an excellent choice.”

- Allan Bifield, Deputy CFO, George Weston LTD

“We had complex challenges they helped distill down to a core set of guiding principle solutions and positioning elements that helped to focus a forward strategy and execution priorities.”

- Geoff McMurdo, VP Sales, Mktg. & CX, Activa Group

“It is a real skill to herd 20 people and come to a meaningful conclusion, but they did it with grace and effectiveness.”

- Patrick Gladney, CSO, FHR